The Free Pocketbase Course Project Outline

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Modified: 15.01.2024

Learn what the project of the free Pocketbase course is. This post contains a quick outline of the idea, the design, and the backend tasks.

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The idea

The project will be a simple expense tracker where a user can create/update/remove expenses in the UI. In addition to just showing the expenses, the app will show a sum of all expenses, which can be also based on the different categories.
The data will be stored inside Pocketbase on our own Server and thus it will be accessible from everywhere. As the expenses are a private thing we will need the ability to create multiple users, let them log in, and so on. For the login, we will use a simple username/password and Google OAuth.
The different components used are:

The design

I created a quick prototype inside excalidraw. I will follow the design and if you want you can do so too. It can be found here. The following image shows the designs as well. It consists of the screens register, forgot password, login, profile, and tracker.

free pocketbase course: wireframes

Backend tasks

In the backend, we will need a new table called expenses and it needs to have the columns label, amount, currency, and category. The category will be related to another table called categories consisting of the columns name and icon.

In the application itself the backend will be used to register and login, but also to create, read, remove, and update expenses.

The series

Here you can find all the posts created to this day:

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  1. Set up Pocketbase
  2. Set up an SMTP for Pocketbase
  3. Set up SvelteKit and an Authentication System
  4. Set up email and password based login for Pocketbase and SvelteKit
  5. Set up OAuth based login for Pocketbase and SvelteKit


In this short post, we learned about the plan for the free Pocketbase course! I hope it looks and sounds interesting to you! To follow the course go to the next post and continue reading!

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