What is Pocketbase – A Quick Introduction

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Published: 26.11.2023

Do you want to quickly start building your next side project? Maybe Pocketbase is the tool for you. It is a Backend as a Service and in this blog post, we will explore what Pocketbase is, look at its philosophy, and then I will showcase some other projects I built with Pocketbase. Finally, I will give a short introduction to my upcoming free course on Pocketbase.

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What is Pocketbase?

Pocketbase is an open-source backend that offers a simple and easy-to-use REST API, real-time subscriptions, and an embedded SQLite database with data validation. It also provides authentication and file storage for media files. Pocketbase is perfect for projects that require a backend but don’t have the time or resources to build one from scratch.

Philosophy of Pocketbase

Pocketbase’s philosophy is to provide developers with a simple and easy-to-use backend that requires minimal setup. It aims to be lightweight and portable while still providing all the necessary features required by modern applications. Pocketbase uses an embedded SQLite database, which makes it more lightweight than other backend providers that use larger databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL. In the end the developer can deploy one binary for the backend and then integrate it with their frontend of choice.

Projects built with Pocketbase

I’ve used Pocketbase for multiple projects and blog posts in the past, here is a short list of them:

  1. Chrollector: An app to track your watch collection!
  2. Crosspost.one: An app to crosspost WordPress posts to Medium.
  3. Chat application guide: A blog post on how to create a chat application using pocketbase.

Free Pocketbase Course

Over the following weeks, I will release blog posts on the topic of Pocketbase. The goal is to build a project from start to finish. The backend for the project will be built with Pocketbase and the frontend with SvelteKit.

The project will be a simple expense tracker where a user can add new expenses and categorize them. The next post will be a simple outline of the project with simple designs and the different components needed for the backend.

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Pocketbase is an excellent choice for developers who want to build a backend quickly without sacrificing functionality. Its philosophy of being lightweight and portable makes it ideal for small to medium-sized applications. With its easy-to-use REST API, real-time subscriptions, and embedded SQLite database with data validation, Pocketbase provides all the necessary features required by modern applications. I hope this quick introduction has given you a good understanding of what Pocketbase is, its philosophy, and how you can use it for your next project!

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