How To Combine Reverse Proxy And File Server Together in Caddy

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Published: 24.09.2023

Do you want to learn how to combine the reverse proxy and file server directives in Caddy? In this guide, we will have a look at that. For that, we start with an example use case and then have a look at how to do it.

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Example use case

The example use case is the scenario where I encountered the need to combine the two directives reverse proxy and file server in caddy. So, my website runs on WordPress with Caddy as a reverse proxy. Now, I want to create courses on different topics, and I want to create a landing page for each course to allow people to sign up for this course.
I wanted the websites to be reachable under the main domain with a path consisting of \<topic>-course. So, I created a new website and tried to combine WordPress with the file server together to host both sites under the same domain. It was a bit harder to figure out than expected, so now we will look at how to do it.

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Combine reverse proxy and file server in Caddy together

We first need to create a new domain block. Inside the block, we first set the root for the file server. I set it to the directory containing all my future website directories (this way, the directory name is also the path the website will be located). {
    root * /websites

Then, we will do a rewrite from the /course-path to /course-path/. Combined with the next section, this will ensure that the path is redirected to the new site, not WordPress. The section then creates a variable creating a rule/matcher that the path should not be /course-path/* (for multiple paths, you can just append them like this: not path /path1/* /path2/*). Next, we use the rule to only direct traffic that is not the set path to WordPress.

    @wp {
        not path /vps-hosting-course/* /pocketbase-course/*
    reverse_proxy @wp http://programonaut

We then open the file server and finish the block.


Here is the complete code:

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    root * /websites

    rewrite /course-path     /course-path/

    @wp {
        not path /course-path/*
    reverse_proxy @wp http://wordpress



And like this, you are able to combine the reverse proxy with the file server directive in Caddy. The most important part here is to create a matcher that directs the traffic to the reverse proxy and then use the file server for the traffic that does not pass.

I hope this guide was helpful to you, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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