5 Coding Channels That I use For Inspiration!

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Modified: 13.03.2022

In this list, I want to present you with five coding channels that inspire me from project to project! They either teach me something new or just let me see their projects and their progress!

In this list are many game developers included because I enjoy people creating big projects and sharing their progress. Sadly this type of content is much more common in the game development world than in other programming sectors. That is also one of the reasons why I started a devlog on my blog as well. Check it out here if you are interested!

With that said, if you know youtube channels sharing their progress on a specific project or product, please let me know about them in the comments, and I am sure to check them out!

Let’s start with the list!

Coding Channels


fireship - coding channels

Fireship is a YouTube coding channel covering different topics in the development space. He has a super cool and educative series where he presents specific topics in 100 seconds. With his teaching style and the short videos, you can take away a lot in a short time!

I use his videos primarily for educational purposes but also for inspiration. If I like one of the topics he explains in his series, I already understand the basics from the video and can dive deeper into the topic with some more research!

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Sebastian Lague

sebastian lague - game dev channel

Sebastian Lague’s channel is the one I follow the longest. On his channel, he presents different game development projects he is working on. In addition, he started a coding adventure series where he takes a topic, for example, procedural planets, implements it, and then experiments with the results!

I am a huge fan of his videos because he creates each video with super high quality. With that said, nowadays, I am using his channel primarily for inspiration because I always think it’s so cool what you can do with programming after seeing a video of him. I immediately want to work on my projects! Additionally, in his older videos, he has some excellent Unity tutorials that help you get started when you are interested!


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designcourse - design channel

DesignCourse is not primarily a development channel, although sometimes hew covers different aspects of web development! For example, he reviews websites in some videos and points out where the design is wrong and how to fix it.

I like his content because since I started with web development, I want to make my applications and websites look reasonably good, and he helps me with that!

Also, a big shout out to his new series, where he teaches the UI fundamentals with a fictional character Jon Frok in a super creative way!

David R. B.

david r. b. - game dev channel

David R. B. has a channel with another super cool series, called Arcadian Rift Devlog, where he presents his progress on the game. It’s a single-player Sci-Fi Shooter where you are a space pirate and raid different ships and locations.

I particularly loved his video on the progress he made in 365 days. It is a great inspiration to see what’s possible in a year with enough focus and dedication to a project!

Watt Designs

watt designs - game dev channel

Lastly, Watt Designs is a small YouTube channel that I found recently. He is also developing a game in Unity and is documenting his progress with a Devlog series. At the time I am writing this, he has created two videos with good quality and a friendly presentation style.

He is creating a pixel art game called Goblin Isle, and it covers goblins defending their isle against humans and the pollution and destruction they bring with them.

I hope you liked this small list of coding channels that I use for inspiration. If you have more channels I should check out or are interesting for other people, leave them in the comments!

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